The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Have you ever think about The Big Bang Theory? (not the TV serie, but the big explosion).

According the theory, almost 14 billions years ago, there was an explosion, a big one, huge, this explosion was the origin of the universe, before this moment all the universe was concentrated in a single point of infinity density, this idea it is not easy to understand for common people like us, but the astrophysicists say that in this moment the universe started its expansion as the result of the explosion.

I placed this question because after an explosion there are to many clouds and I think after the Big Bang there should be huge clouds diffracting the rays of light in wonderful colors, the ones the photographers (like me) are always chasing and trying to capture with the cameras.

The Big Bang Theory, Nikon D300S, Tamron 10-24mm, f8, 1.3s, ISO1000

While I was behind my camera watching these colorful landscape I was thinking about the colors I could get if I were with my camera in the Big Bang, I know it’s a crazy idea but I can’t help think about it.

How do you imagine the color was in that big origin?

This picture is the result of three images manually blended in Photoshop, I used a Nikon D300s camera, a Tamron 10-24mm lens as well as a Blue-Yellow Cokin filter and also a Tobacco Cokin filter.

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